the uniform project

by Radhika Kuldeep

i’ve been following this website/blog for a couple of months and its been a pleasure! its inspiring and visually stimulating! its the brainchild of Sheena Matheiken and Eliza Starbuck. she has decided to wear the same black dress everyday and just make it a different outfit by teaming it with a bunch of different accessories! and this isnt just for fun! she is actually raising money for a foundation called Akanksha. its a foundation in India working for the betterment of the children living in the slums in India. the project accepts monetary donations as well as donations in terms of accessories that Sheena can use. they also stress on re-used, eco-friendly accessories. i visit it daily and because of her ideas i’m experimenting with my dressing sense too! yay for the uniform project!

check out their video about the project.

these are some of my fav looks by sheena!